Curly Soft Definition Cream | Hair Product of the Year 2024


Curly Xclusive has taken the world by storm, not just within the cosy confines of Denmark but far beyond as well.

With its recent triumph at the Anne&Stiil Ilulemmik awards ceremony in Estonia 2024, where the Soft Definition Cream was named the best hair care and styling product, it's clear that Curly Xclusive is more than just a flash in the pan; it's a groundbreaking revolution in curly hair care.

Curly Xclusive Soft Definition Cream is a revolution for curls

Curly Xclusive's award-winning Soft Definition Cream is more than a product; it's a manifesto proclaiming that curls should not be tamed, but celebrated. In a world where straight hair has long been the norm, Curly Xclusive proudly stands as a banner for all those with curls, spirals, or waves, deserving to be seen, loved, and cared for.
This is why Curly Xclusive Soft Definition Cream is a hit

This is why Curly Xclusive Soft Definition Cream is a hit

The Soft Definition Cream from Curly Xclusive is the perfect choice for anyone dreaming of perfectly defined Curly Girl curls without the heavy feeling. The cream's unique blend of nourishing coconut oil, moisturising glycerin, and panthenol ensures curls are full of shine and softness.

It's the balanced composition of carefully selected ingredients that has made the Soft Definition Cream a prize-winning curl cream. Completely free from sulphates and silicones, it's a true friend of the Curly Girl method, promising beautiful, healthy curls with a light hold.
About the Curly Xclusive series: <span class="box--sub-heading">A Tribute to the Curls</span>

About the Curly Xclusive series: A Tribute to the Curls

In a world where beauty is often defined in straight lines, Curly Xclusive breaks the wave and celebrates the unique beauty of curls. Every bottle and tube from Curly Xclusive is a declaration of love for curly hair.

Formulated without harsh fragrances, sulfates, and silicones, Curly Xclusive promises to pamper curls without stripping them of the natural oils that keep frizz at bay. It's a series that understands love for curls begins with the right ingredients.
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Moisture and Protein: A Harmonious Dance

t's in the balance between moisture and protein that Curly Xclusive truly shines. We know that curly hair thrives best when it achieves the perfect symbiosis between moisturising ingredients and strengthening proteins. And that's what you find in Curly Xclusive.

Curly Xclusive - Created with Love for Curly Girls

We've formulated Curly Xclusive for Curly Girls to ensure that curls receive the love they deserve. Because every curl tells a story, and with Curly Xclusive, it's an award-winning story of beauty and strength that extends beyond Denmark's borders!

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