Niophlex Rebond Pro

Restores and protects your hair from the inside out

Although our colour systems are crafted to be as gentle as possible, chemical treatments can still leave the hair vulnerable, dry, and potentially damaged over time. 

With Niophlex Rebond, you can restore and protect your hair from the inside out during chemical treatments, thanks to a powerful botanical protein complex. 

Are you ready to rebond?
<span class="box--sub-heading">That's why Niophlex Rebond is </span> THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR CHEMICAL TREATMENTS:


  • Penetrates deep into the hair's cortex.

  • Enriches the hair with essential amino acids.

  • Restores and strengthens the hair's damaged bonds.

  • Gives the hair a brilliant shine and fantastic glow.
<span class="box--sub-heading">Experience the power behind</span> Niophlex Rebond

Experience the power behind Niophlex Rebond

All products from Niophlex Rebond are enriched with a specially potent botanical protein complex, making the hair stronger and more resilient to damage.


Botanical Protein Complex is a plant-based protein complex, specifically developed to target the hair's three key properties:

  • Elasticity

  • Flexibility

  • Strength of the cuticle
The unique chemical composition of the Botanical Protein Complex allows it to penetrate deep into the hair's cortex, where it strengthens from within while also forming a protective film on the hair's surface. 

These properties work in harmony to fortify the hair and shield it from potential damage from chemical treatments, environmental factors, or daily styling. 

The unique ability of the botanical protein complex to evenly distribute moisture throughout each hair strand ensures that every strand is protected and nourished from the inside out. Moreover, it enhances the hair's volume and thickness.
Extend the salon treatment with NIOPHLEX REBOND CARE PRODUCTS

Extend the salon treatment with NIOPHLEX REBOND CARE PRODUCTS

After a salon treatment, you can choose from various care products that extend the benefits of the professional salon service.
 The excellent qualities of Niophlex Rebond:

Every product from Niophlex Rebond possesses excellent qualities. Click on the product to see which apply to the respective product.
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