Gentle quality products for everyday needs
Essentials offers you and your family the absolute essentials in hair care and styling. Why make it complicated when you can settle for the essential?

Hair products for the entire family
The range includes gentle, foaming shampoos, so the entire family is well covered when it comes to washing hair.

Always clean hair with

You'll find a shampoo for fine/normal hair and one for colour-treated hair. And then there's the very special and effective Deep Clean Shampoo, which is perfect if you need to reset your hair from lots of styling products and dirt. 

Essentials also offers a delightful conditioner that adds shine and moisture to the hair.
<span class="box--sub-heading">Essentials contains these</span>

Essentials contains these

The shampoos and conditioner contain extract from golden marigolds. The extract ensures that your hair is moisturised with every wash.
The shampoo for coloured hair contains sunflower seed extract, which protects your hair colour from fading if you have had your locks coloured.
Deep Clean Shampoo contains vegetable keratin, which helps to repair damaged hair.
All shampoos from Essentials contain glycerine, which moisturises and makes the hair lovely and soft.

Simple and straightforward hair stylingESSENTIALS STYLING

With Essentials styling products, you have everything you need - simple, straightforward, and effective hair styling.

Essentials Good Qualities:

Each product from Essentials has good qualities. Click on the product, and see which ones apply to the respective product.

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