Colour Bomb

Hair Colour Treatment
Colour Bomb is a collection of delightful and intense hair colour treatments that deeply nourish your hair and refresh your current hair colour.

Colour Bomb is your shortcut to a new, glossy, and colourful hair day.
<br><br><span class="box--sub-heading">Keratin for your locks with</span>Colour Bomb

Keratin for your locks withColour Bomb

Indulge your hair with a keratin-rich treatment that leaves it silky soft and shiny.


Even if you've had your hair coloured with the market's best hair dye, unfortunately, you cannot avoid the hair colour fading over time. Here, Colour Bomb can help with a refreshing of the colour.

<br><br><span class="box--sub-heading">In Colour Bomb you'll find some of these</span>INGREDIENTS

In Colour Bomb you'll find some of theseINGREDIENTS

In addition to colouring your hair, the key ingredients in Colour Bomb ensure to leave your hair with plenty of shine and softness.


Has a moisturising property, whilst simultaneously penetrating the hair strand and restoring and strengthening damaged hair. It also acts as a detangler for the hair.


Also known as Pro Vitamin B5. It nourishes and moisturises the hair, whilst also helping to protect the hair against humidity.


Contains an enzyme that helps with scalp irritation. At the same time, it contains over 20 minerals and vitamins that act as moisturisers, which contribute to plenty of shine.
<span class="box--sub-heading">Several colours to choose from</span>COLOURFUL COLOUR BOMB

Several colours to choose fromCOLOURFUL COLOUR BOMB

You can mix your very own Colour Bomb hue - the choice is yours.

Colour Treatments with preferencesCOLOUR BOMB FOR EVERYONE

Curly Girl hair, or perhaps you're a coeliac? Everyone is entitled to a nice (colourful) hair day. With Colour Bomb, you can confidently enjoy our hair colour treatments with special preferences.


Colour Bomb offers many beautiful colours to choose from, and we quite understand if you have several favourites. You can also play creatively with the colours and blend your very own shade of Colour Bomb.
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