Beauty without boundaries Prices within reach

IdHAIR Creative is more than just styling and hair care – it's premium beauty accessible to all.
IdHAIR is <span class="box--sub-heading">Danish haircare since 1986</span>

IdHAIR is Danish haircare since 1986

With our extensive experience in the professional market since our inception in 1986, we have developed a haircare range that impresses with both its functionality and value for money. The range also features a stylish design that will look great on any bathroom shelf.
IdHAIR Creative is <span class="box--sub-heading">value for money</span>

IdHAIR Creative is value for money

In a world where luxury is often synonymous with high prices, IdHAIR Creative offers an excellent alternative. We have handpicked a range of functional ingredients, meticulously blended them using outstanding formulas, and created something unique: IdHAIR Creative.
IdHAIR Creative is <span class="box--sub-heading">a sense of hair luxury</span>

IdHAIR Creative is a sense of hair luxury

Through carefully selected ingredients and advanced manufacturing techniques, we ensure that IdHAIR Creative hair products offer you a sense of hair luxury at an affordable price.

We call it:

Beauty without boundaries
- Prices within reach.

The essence of minimalist design

Encased in stylish and subtle shades that capture the essence of minimalist design, each formula in the IdHAIR Creative range is carefully bottled or tubed, ready to shine in your bathroom – and especially in your hair.
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