Niophlex Rebond

Experience Restored and Lustrous Hair

Niophlex Rebond is a unique range of haircare products with a special formula that restores and protects your hair from the inside out. The products are highly moisturising and nourishing, making them the perfect choice for treating dry and damaged hair.

The result is restored and lustrous locks.

<span class="box--sub-heading">Moisture and Care with</span> NIOPHLEX REBOND

Moisture and Care with NIOPHLEX REBOND

Healthy and beautiful hair requires moisture and care. In Niophlex Rebond, you'll find fantastic, moisturising care products that you can use to nourish and strengthen your hair during and after shampooing.
<span class="box--sub-heading">Niophlex Rebond includes the following:</span> KEY INGREDIENTS

Niophlex Rebond includes the following: KEY INGREDIENTS

All products from Niophlex Rebond are enriched with a specially potent botanical protein complex, making the hair stronger and more resilient to damage.
Natural Oils

Niophlex Rebond indulges hair with natural oils, leaving it silky smooth, lustrous, and deeply nourished without weighing it down or feeling greasy.  

A formidable moisturiser for hair - and Niophlex Rebond is packed with it! Glycerin attracts and retains moisture in the hair, a feature that is especially important for dry and damaged hair.

Extend the salon treatment with NIOPHLEX REBOND CARE PRODUCTS

Use the hair products alone as a strengthening and shine-enhancing hair indulgence, or to extend the benefits of a Niophlex Rebond salon treatment you've received from your hairdresser.
Restores and protects your hair from the inside out: NIOPHLEX PRO

Restores and protects your hair from the inside out: NIOPHLEX PRO

Niophlex Rebond Pro penetrates deep into the hair's innermost bonds to repair the damaged parts. It revitalises tired hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage.

But that's not all! A professional treatment with Niophlex Rebond at your hairdresser provides the hair with a protective, nurturing shield, readying it for whatever the day may bring!
The Excellent Qualities of Niophlex Rebond:
Every product from Niophlex Rebond possesses excellent qualities. Click on the product to see which apply to the respective product.
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