Me - Hair Products Of The Year 2024

Me styling products scooped the title of "Hair Products of the Year" at the Buduaar Ilulemmik 2024. Buduaar is a women`s magazine and also weekly TV programme advertising new beauty trends.
Our hair styling range, Me, recently broke through the multitude of nominated hair products at the Estonian award ceremony, Buduaar Ilulemmik. It is an annual event where the most beloved beauty and health products are chosen through a vote, and here it was the Me Root Lifter and Me Serum Cream that clinched the titles of "Hair Products of the Year".
At IdHAIR, we are proud to have received this prestigious title and are delighted that the enthusiasm for our hair products extends far beyond the Danish borders. For with these two hair products from Me in hand, you have the key to plenty of volume and shine – a classic look that is admired and sought after by millions with long hair all over the world.
When Me Root Lifter breaks through the surface of the hair strand, it not only catches the eye; it transforms and lifts the hair from the roots in a lustrous manner. And in beautiful harmony with Me Serum Cream, which gives you silky smooth locks and is a loyal ally in the fight against frizz, you have the answer to a good hair day if you desire voluminous and shiny hair.
The ingredients speak for themselves – from Aqua and Dimethicone to Panthenol and Citric Acid – each element is carefully selected to ensure that your hair not only looks healthy but feels healthy. And in a world where innovation and beauty go hand in hand, it is essential to identify products that fulfill their promises with noticeable effects – just like Me Root Lifter and Serum Cream.
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IdHAIR's recognition at Buduaar Ilulemmik highlights our dedication to developing products that genuinely improve consumer hair quality. Being named "Hair Products of the Year" signifies a significant recognition of the quality and innovation that characterise our approach to hair products at IdHAIR. This title is a recognition of the research, development, and passion that underpins the development of every IdHAIR product, so we can give everyone a good hair day.

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