Niophlex Pro

Stronger and healthier hair starts now
Even though our colour systems are designed to be as gentle as possible, chemical treatments can still leave the hair open, dry, and perhaps damaged over time. That's why we've developed IdHAIR Niophlex!  

Niophlex is a phlex system that protects the hair from damage and makes it strong and resilient, even while you're colouring or perming in the salon.

Achieve truly fantastic results with
The phlex system does not affect the processing time for the chemical treatment. The range consists of 2 products that you use in your chemical treatment, and 1 product that you can both use in the salon and sell to your client.

Niophlex Pro contains the following:
Soybeans (IsoFlavones) provide care, improving the hair's condition.
The first product, Bonder No.1, you mix in your colour blend; it creates new bonds and protects the hair's inner structure
Enhancer is the second product in the series. Use it to link the bonds created in step 1, while also caring for and moisturising the hair.t.  
Finish the Niophex treatment with Niophlex Rescue Conditioner - a lovely creamy conditioner that seals the cuticle. It moisturises and makes the hair soft and glossy.

Complete the experience with NIOPHLEX SHAMPO,

Niophlex Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to extend the effect of Niophlex No.1 and No.2.

The products have active ingredients that strengthen and care for damaged or Niophlex-treated hair.
Niophlex Rescue Spray, a leave-in care spray that adds moisture and care.

Niophlex's Good Qualities:  

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