IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive

Try our enchanting gift box with fragrance-free hair care indulgence from IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive. Three premium hair products: 911 Rescue Spray with argan oil, plus Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner free from sulfates, fragrance, gluten, or silicone. Make every day a great, fragrance-free hair day with the best for scalp and hair.
Step into the world of fragrance-free hair care paradise with our irresistible gift box from IdHAIR Sensitive Xclusive! Inside, you'll find our fantastic trio - three hair care products ready to provide you with quality without scent, offering the best in hair care!

Begin your hair care routine with our Everyday Shampoo, which leaves you with a shiny, clean feeling while nourishing your scalp. Next comes Everyday Conditioner, leaving your hair silky and your scalp moisturized.

Complete your beauty and care routine with our indispensable 911 Rescue Spray, enriched with wonderful argan oil. It strengthens your hair, fights frizz, and provides intense moisture, all without fragrance.